Monday, December 1, 2014

Advent 2014

Obviously, I post on this blog very irregularly and when I do it tends to be during advent. I think this is probably more out of an idea of beginning at the beginning (Advent being the beginning of the church year), rather than Advent itself - although Advent is a good story, nice and safe and happy with the donkey and the barn and the sheep and the angels.

Swaledale ewe and twins

As Christians we talk about Advent as being a season of waiting - waiting for the birth of christ, waiting for the second coming, waiting for the fun of Christmas (Ok, I don't think the later is actually approved theology.) I'm not entirely sure I buy into Advent as a season of waiting - preparing maybe is better in line with my beliefs. And I'm way more interested in Jesus as an adult than celebrating his birth or waiting for him to return (if he will or hasn't already.) That said, I am in a period of waiting right now. I'm waiting to see if the current medication dosage makes me better (actually, I think we figured out it doesn't), waiting to see what my doctor's next plan is, waiting because I'm really not well enough to do much else, waiting for the one or two activities a week I can really engage in and enjoy.  Yesterday I wondered, what would it mean to me if I engaged with the daily lectionary every day for Advent. (Engage = force myself to do more than skim over it in a haze, although some days a mental haze is as good as it gets.) Technically, I've already missed a few days, as the lectionary week starts on Thursday, but shrug. So I'm going to try, even if that means no more than posting a verse that seems important or meaningful to me every day.

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