Sunday, December 14, 2014

Third Saturday of Advent (2014 Year B)

As I was reading the psalm today, I realized why I have had such a struggle with so many of the readings this Advent, particularly the Old Testament readings. So many of them are worded as us or them. I am too much of a universalist to believe that 'our god' did horrible things to them because they aren't us.
For some reason, this year, I am also keenly aware that I am not part of the 'us' meant in most of these readings (descendants of the twelve tribes of Israel.)
I found some hope for the evil I see so much of:
You pierced with their own arrows the head of his warriors,
    who came like a whirlwind to scatter us,
    gloating as if ready to devour the poor who were in hiding.
- Habakkuk 3:14
These 'warriors' seem like a good description of police departments responding with violence to peaceful or calm protests. I can only hope for such an outcome, though I hope the outcome will be through the courts (or a new system), not literal arrows, teargas, bullets, etc.

The parable is a good reminder that it is better to do something positive than say you will and not. Our actions speak louder than our words. That said, I think using our words to support others IS an action.

Note: I have not figured out how posts sent using the Android Blogger app end up as published versus draft, but having to go back in hit publish on this one has given me the opportunity to add this photo, which is of part of someone's shrine to Mary on the alley behind the coffee shop where I write this.

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