Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Second Tuesday of Advent (2014 Year B)

Today's Readings

I decided on this project of blogging the daily (and Sunday) advent readings for a number of reasons. One of them is that on my recent medication regimes, I quit being functional enough most days to feel like I could even write coherently on the topics I'd been working on (Understanding Dog Body Language for a Well Behaved Dog and another project. I'd already had to give up doing anything analytical (ie coding) because it is a seizure trigger for me. As an inherently unreliable narrator with regards to religious ideas. (HT to @BathysphereHat for reminding me of this term today. ) This is particularly true right now when I know my seizures are poorly controlled. On the one hand, I have found this to be particularly freeing, since I know there is a very high likelihood that whatever I am saying is just babblings as my brain tries to make sense of nonsense. On the other, it is very frustrating because there are often times when I feel like I actually see a useful pattern or structure and just can't pull it out. Of course, any given thing could be either.

Today is one of the later days. In the readings, I see a pattern of exhortations to keep up hope, to know things will be better, to not give up. But I can't pull them together into anything.

Part of the intercessory prayer suggested for this week feels like it might come from the result of understanding this though and I think that is the closest I'm going to get.
we pray to you for the needs of the ...the world.
Hear our humble prayer
that we may serve you in holiness and faith
and give voice to your presence among us

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